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Exciting Changes Happening at LocoRobo

Welcome to the blog!

Here at LocoRobo, we’ve been going through tons of exciting new changes. In addition to our updated website, we’ll now be keeping a blog so everyone can stay updated on our current activities and events. Check in every so often and see what we’re up to!

Let’s start out by introducing you to what’s new around here. With our updated website, you can easily navigate through our pages to learn more our summer program (LocoSummer), purchase your own robot, learn with MatlabArduino, and soon be introduced to our renewable energy program called LocoEnergy! LocoSummer is currently open for students to sign up, and we’ve been extremely busy preparing lesson plans and recruiting ambitious students to the program. Check out for more details!

In case you’re wondering, yes, we did upgrade our robot model! While the old model will no longer be for sale, there are huge improvements to this new addition. We call this bot the LocoXtreme.

These robots utilize Arduino technology, ultrasonic sensors, an accelerometer, gyroscope, LED lights, and much more! It’s programmable from iOS devices and our online web platform called the LocoRobo Academy. You can learn to program everything from the basic robot control systems using our GUI (graphical user interface) to more complex multi-robot using four core languages of modern digital literacy such as Python, Arduino, Matlab, and Javascript for more advanced users. Have fun while building valuable coding skills!

Check out to find out more, or buy one today!

The engineering team has been working to expand LocoXtreme to give it even more features than before. Some of these use accelerator and gyroscopic technology to detect the robots position, so it can detect steep inclines to stop itself from falling, and even balance vertically on the front of the wheels! Our swarm technology is also in motion: it allows you to control multiple robots within only one program. This way you can do synchronized moves if you want to create a herd of robots, or even make a fun dance. With skill and creativity, what will you create? The possibilities are endless.    

 ~The LocoRobo Team

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