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Elementary and Middle school students show off their LocoRobo robotics creations at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference!

Elementary and middle school students from the Centennial School District showed off their LocoRobo based robotics creations recently at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference. 

Middle school students with LocoXtreme Robots


Popularly known as PETE&C, this three-day long, statewide convention allows companies to showcase their latest accomplishments in technological education. Hundreds of innovators gather to exhibit their innovations to a large number of visitors, which includes students, teachers, school administrators, technology directors, and more. The days are filled with motivating speakers, student demonstrations, and plenty of hands-on engagement.

Elementary and middle school students are at an exciting stage of their lives. They absorb new knowledge through hands on activities and experiential learning. Here at LocoRobo, we understand this fact and support students through highly engaging robotics challenges. Right from the moment that students unbox the LocoXtreme robotic kit, they are engaged in sensor based robotics behavior and associated challenges. 



Students demonstrated the use of LocoRobo's iOS app to create collision avoidance, smart shapes, and immersive dance performances. Several guests were able to engage with the robots and program them while being guided by the students. New students got a taste of the exciting world of robotics while being guided by the Centennial school district students. They used the robots by playing their programs, driving around, and discovering how they work.


As a young startup, we also took this opportunity to improve the student experience and make our technology even better.  It was indeed gratifying, to see how we can inspire young students by making education fun; it keeps us motivated to do what we love -- spread 21st century digital and scientific skills among students of all ages. 

We welcome your children and students to become part of the exciting community of young LocoRobo users by registering for our modern and cutting-edge summer program, LocoSummer. Inspire the spark in their eyes by introducing them to the magical world of robotics and sensors while teaching them career building skills. 


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