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LocoRobo demonstrates robotics at West Deptford High School!

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Last Friday, LocoRobo made an appearance at West Deptford HS in New Jersey! Students got to learn all about the LocoRobo mission, and got to see demonstrations of the upcoming projects. 

Accompanied by our drone expert Joey Orduna and creative overlord Dani Banner, our founder Pramod Abichandani spoke to the classes about succeeding in today’s technological industry. He strives to teach students to pursue what they love doing, because passion for your work is the key to building a successful company. It's incredibly important for students to not only learn about modern technology, but also how to predict the future of innovation. 

LocoRobo Founder Pramod Abichandani talking about LocoRobo robotics

West Deptford High School Students using LocoXtreme robots (

This school has already been teaching with the LocoXtreme bots in class, as students work in groups to learn about accelerometers, gyroscopes, coding, and more. Students were also introduced to our latest LocoXtreme models and new features.  

The students got to take a look at the various shell designs for the LocoXtreme bot. LocoRobo’s new 3D printing technology allows the team to experiment with all different types of materials and colors that will soon be available to the market. This includes PLE plastic filament, carbon fiber filament, and even wood filament made with 30% sawdust that gives it the look and feel of wood!

West Deptford High School Students exploring LocoXtreme robotics kit 3D printed Shells

 Lastly, the students also got a brief introduction to real racing drones. Using a small camera mount, a Go-Pro camera was added onto the drone. This allowed students to watch from the drone's point of view in real time. This is a feature LocoRobo will include on the bots in the near future.

 West Deptford high school students working on LocoRobo's First Person View (FPV) technology

In the end, everyone had a blast, and the team was so excited to demonstrate the robots to students with a passion for technology!  Feel free to contact us if you want us to stop by your school to talk about robotics. 

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