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Can A Robot Really Teach Coding? Here's What A Student Has To Say.

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Personally, I've always found learning to be beyond the words of a teacher or a single lesson. The things I’ve learned the best have been through hands-on activities in which I’d taken ownership of and really taught myself.

Learning robotics and coding through LocoRobo truly embraces the hands-on, self-directed learning style. In order to progress, the program was something I needed to take responsibility for. Though no one was there to break down every single line of code for me, I was still able to understand basic robotics in minutes through the incredible real-time responsibility of the LocoXtreme. It’s one thing to do coding online and see your intangible progress on a screen. It’s a completely different world that you’re opened up to when you see the application of your coding right in front of you.

Learning coding and robotics with LocoXtremeLocoRobo Academy and LocoXtreme

For someone who internalizes the program, LocoRobo is always about what is next; how can you replicate an algorithm you have created for your robot into real code. That’s what is undoubtedly the most exciting part of learning with LocoRobo. It’s very motivating to use a product that is focused on not only getting the student engaged, but also getting them to think on their own. It is really at this point of thinking and internalizing something that I have had some of my most quintessential learning experiences. I’m sure many LocoRobo students like me have also shared this experience.

The LocoXtreme robot has completely changed my view on how you can learn coding. In my previous endeavors with coding, I’d been exposed to either very simple GUI block programs, which bore you and turn into more of a kids game, or the learning interface gave no context or reference places, thereby booting me into the cold and unforgiving world of coding. I found that using the LocoRobo program made the confusing world of robotics more forgiving as I was offered an introduction to both basic functions and ideas, which I could then convert into more complex code. The bridge between the basics of coding and creating more complex code to make my LocoXtreme functional was easily crossed in a matter of a few hours through the LocoRobo Academy. My expectations were blown roof-high with the ease, pace, and functionality of learning coding with LocoRobo.

The integration between the LocoXtreme robot and the online component made my code come alive for me. I really recommend this program to anyone who wants exposure to coding, including those without previous experience and even students who already are well-versed coders and ready to dive deep into the world of coding. LocoRobo is overall tailored to each student no matter the age or experience and makes it easy for them to get cracking on some coding on their own. All of the tools are readily available at the fingertips of each student with LocoRobo.

- Zachary B., Locorobo Intern, Summer 2016

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