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Intern Spotlight: Andy Lavine

2016 Coding Internships LocoRobo Programming Robotics Tech

As LocoRobo expands, the more room we have to welcome smart, talented minds to our team. High school student Andy Lavine, 16, was matched with us as he searched for a fitting summer internship.

Andy has been exploring all that goes on at LocoRobo for the last few weeks, but his favorite thing to learn has been our ground-robot LocoXtreme.

With LocoXtreme, Andy has been learning coding languages and how to use them in various ways, which he feels will allow him to develop other computer skills in the future.

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned [at LocoRobo] is probably Python because I can expand on what I’ve learned here and learn all sorts of stuff related to computer programming.”

While Andy is not totally sure whether or not he wants a career in the tech field yet, he will be able to take his knowledge of programming and robotics and put them to use anywhere he may go.

We are happy to have him here, and will be sad to see him go when he returns to school for his junior year in the fall!

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