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LocoSummer Highlights: Explorers (ages 10 - 13)

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LocoSummer Highlights:
Explorers (ages 10 - 13)
Thanks to our amazing students and team, the first week of LocoSummer was a huge success! The week was full of exciting activities and challenging competitions, and we are so proud of everything that our students accomplished.

Here is a look at some of the activities that took place this week!

Creating shapes using LocoXtreme
Students used LocoRobo Academy to learn how to control their robots using graphical coding blocks. With the blocks they were able to program the robot on the path of various shapes. Students tested their programs by attaching a marker to the robot (see left below) and using long exposure photography (see right below).

Maze challenges & robot races
Students programmed their robots to use ultrasonic sensors to get through complicated mazes and win races.

Real world Python coding
Once students understood basic programming concepts, the coding lessons began. By the 4th day, the students were programming their robots strictly with Python to move, change colors and sense tilt and objects.

Learning 3D design and creating their own images
LocoSummer students learned how 3D design software works and tested their knowledge as they created their own images.

At the end of camp, several families bought robots to continue learning how to code. We'll be holding monthly workshops in Philadelphia to continue elevating the student's skills and all are welcome to register. Keep an eye out for these announcements!

If you want to learn more about LocoRobo's offerings, please go to!

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