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New Robotics Summer Camp Hyperdrives Students Beyond The Hour Of Code

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Robotics camps are all the rage these days. While most focus on building and graphical block programming, LocoSummer hyper-drives students into real-world coding and robotics skills in under a week. LocoSummer 2016 consisted of two back-to-back, week-long sessions in Philadelphia - one for middle school and one for high school students. The first class of LocoSummer was inspiring, and we are proud to be able to share how much they accomplished during the week with LocoRobo.

Students shaped their problem-solving skills using algorithms and began the journey of exploring the power of programming. On the creative side, the students learned how to create 3D designs with software used in the real world and apply it to engineering design. They also learned the math, physics, and motor skills behind flying drones, and that some people are more prone to crashing them than others!

The most noteworthy experience of LocoSummer was exposure to real-world coding and sensor technology through hands-on, experiential and project-based learning. The middle school campers began with graphical block coding and, using the LocoRobo Academy innovative coding platform, eased into working with Python by the third day of camp. The high school campers started working with Python the very first day and advanced their skills rapidly throughout the week. By the conclusion of LocoSummer, students were programming using math and sensor data to solve maze challenges with Ultrasonic Sensors, ramp challenges with Accelerometer angle detection, and exploring the simultaneous control of multiple robot systems.

Founder of LocoRobo and University Professor Pramod Abichandani, Ph.D., says, “LocoSummer was our very first summer camp. We got a rare opportunity to work directly with our users for an entire week. We saw the impact of what we have built. Students ranged from first time coders to those with some prior knowledge. First time coders including the ones typing with one finger, graduated with 300 lines of working code. Working right next to them were students expanding their prior coding experience to building multi-robot systems.”

  Middle school coding and robotics     High school robotics students

Students, ages 10-16, of all experience levels were able to advance and improve on their skills while working together. The LocoRobo team encouraged students to learn from each other and team up on several projects. Additionally, our camps averaged a 25% enrollment of female students, which is something we are very proud of. About 15% of the students received need based scholarships.

Guest LocoSummer Teaching Assistant Michael Pustie, of West Deptford High School, has included LocoRobo Academy and LocoXtreme in his Physics and Intro to Engineering courses this past year. Mr. Pustie helped LocoSummer students advance their programs throughout the week as he gained a more in-depth knowledge of how to further leverage LocoXtreme and LocoRobo Academy in the classroom.

LocoRobo’s mission to spread technological, scientific and digital literacy continues… The majority of LocoSummer students bought LocoXtreme to take home with them and expand on the dozen or so programs they built during camp, which are stored in their LocoRobo Academy accounts. Students are invited back to attend monthly workshops throughout the year to advance their skills even further. This opportunity will be open to the Greater Philadelphia community as well.

“LocoSummer has proven again that the engagement levels of the LocoXtreme and LocoRobo Academy are incredibly high,” said Abichandani. “We continue to realize the potential for LocoRobo and see firsthand the impact we make at schools and summer camps across the country.”

Would you like to bring the LocoXtreme to a school or a camp near you? Head to our workshops page or call 267-546-6373 to request a demo!

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