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What Happens When A Performing Arts Student Discovers Coding And Robotics

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By Adriana Weiss, LocoRobo Summer Intern 2016

In the search of something engaging and unique to do this summer, I applied for an internship program through I was one of the ten students from my high school, Marin Academy, who had been selected to participate in this amazing program. I was surprised to find out that I had been paired with a robotics company across the country, in Philadelphia. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity visit Philadelphia, and work in a field I previously had very little experience in.

After a week of working at home, primarily doing research on potential buyers, sales representatives, etc., I headed out of California to work in the lab. While in Philadelphia, I have had the opportunity to witness the more complex and technical aspects of LocoRobo, as well as participate where I could lend any assistance. Through writing flyers and pamphlets, as well as hearing about experiences in the classroom,  I have come to better understand the great benefits of education technology.

Education Technology, Coding & Robotics Is For Everyone

LocoRobo is redefining the way in which complicated topics such as coding and environmental engineering are taught, making these ideas much more approachable through advanced, and low cost virtual reality and robotic technology. Although these concepts seem daunting, LocoRobo has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of motivated coders. I have even had the opportunity to play with the LocoXtreme robots to see just how fun, engaging and educational they can be. As an avid history and social justice loving actress, singer and tap dancer didn’t necessarily see myself pursuing a career in a similar field of study, but I was very interested in dipping my toe into the world of robotics and coding.

Listening to heated debates about the programming languages of Python and Arduino, in the lab, I have become even more inspired me to extend my basic knowledge in this field. If LocoRobo’s programs were to be implemented in my high school, I, and I’m sure many of my classmates, would take advantage of the chance to learn basic coding, without the hassle and complexity of our traditional computer science courses.

Although I still have a lot more to learn, I am happy to say that LocoRobo has made that dream more tangible and accessible, an interest that I can further pursue back home in San Francisco.

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