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LocoXtreme: VOYAGERS: Ages 13-17

LocoXtreme: VOYAGERS: Ages 13-17

$ 199.00

LocoXtreme Robotics Kit: Arduino robot, Coding in C, Python, JavaScript, and MATLAB. Use our STEM curriculum for K-12 and Universities. Learn all about hardware, coding, physics, statistics, and sensors.

​LocoXtreme is the perfect mix of brains and brawn. A highly programmable robot with out of the box features that appeal to the creative, smart, fun, and action side of children. Interact with LocoXtreme using lights, sounds, and gestures.

Program LocoXtreme to drive autonomously, follow routes and maps, design multi-robotic systems (2 or more working together). For music lovers, compose music and playback through LocoXtreme. 

Powering LocoXtreme is a suite of sensors such as an Accelerometer and Gyroscope, Distance and Temperature Sensors, and Motor Encoders.

For the Voyagers, we provide our iOS app and access to the LocoRobo Academy with educational material geared towards students ages 13 through 17 -- these topics cover basic physics, robotics, sensors, statistics exercises that build on the notion of Python and Arduino based coding. 

Once students develop proficiency and complete the exercises provided through LocoRobo Academy, you will have the ability to upgrade to the Deep Impact modules. 

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